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Duct Tape: The Newest Sex Life Enhancer! Best of Dumbass News

What Duct Tape?

I posted this story a few weeks ago and it still gets plenty of attention. That tells me that y’all are a bunch of kinky bastards. But I already knew that, so it comes as no surprise to me. After all, you are Dumbasses and I’ve come to expect nothing less of you. For all you numb skulls that found your way here from Pinterest, y’all are a passle of sick, twisted freaks. You’ll fit right in. While your here be sure to check out the blog archives. They are listed month by month in the left sidebar. There’s some great dumbassery in there. If you have any good ideas on new ways to use Duct Tape, head on over to the comment section just below this post. Oh, yeah! To all the “Pinners” who’ve joined us today, thanks for taking the time to re-pin my blog posts and s

And now members of the Dumbass Horde around the world…..I present to you Nekkid Driving and Duct Tape!!!

 When it comes to dumbassery, few places on the entire planet are weirder than Portland, Oregon. My guess is that other than San Francisco, Portland prolly has the highest Dumbass to “normal” people ratio in the country. I think the reason for this is the fact that so many homos and various other life forms of dumbassery migrate from Cal-ee-forn-ya to the Pacific Northwest trying to – wait for it – escape the dumbssery in Cal-ee-forn-ya! <face/palm> Go frakkin’ figger.

True Dumbass Love

Nothing says true dumbass love like duct taping your girlfriend like a Taliban hostage and putting her in the back seat of your Subaru for a little joy ride around town. While you, too, are nekkid as a jay bird as you escort your hostage sweetie all through Portland. Not that a duct taped nekkid woman in the back seat of a Subaru would garner much attention in Portland, Oregon, but one sane soul noticed the nekkid, taped up bimbo and called the cops. One can only imagine what the heat thought when they encountered a nekkid guy driving a Subaru with a duct taped nekkid lady in the back seat! I’m fairly confident that the local constabulary had some very powerful handguns pointed directly at Mr. Driving Nekkid Guy at the sight of such a situation.

After taking a large shit on the genuine imitation llama hair seat cover, and losing his boner, Mr. Driving Nekkid Guy and Ms. Custom Duct Tape Job by Jim Bob Jumpback explained that they were just out for a nekkid ride just for a little for fun. And sexual thrills. Yup, instead of a nice candlelight dinner with some cheap wine, these two dumbasses get nekkid, duct taped and stoopid. And cited for disorderly conduct for driving around Portland, Oregon for all to see. This just oooooozzzzzeeesssss romance.


When people learned of this little Love Boat on Land episode, most of the reactions were of the “So what, they were just having fun?” variety. One local dumbass posted on the Portland Police Department Facebook page, and I quote, “Nothing wrong with that, they were just trying to have some fun, you monsters.” I ain’t kiddin’.

The best comment came from a guy who summed it up very nicely: “Keep Portland weird, man.” Perfect.

I implore you to heed this advice as you travel through this journey we call life: nekkid, duct taped and driving through a major city is no way to go through life, son.



Low Pay, Lousy Benefits at McDonalds Turns Woman into McSlut

You Want Me to Do What?

Just what do some Dumbasses have against McDonalds? I can’t figger it out myself. Mcd’s offers some of the best tasteless food in the world. Every once in a while I love to scarf down a Big Mac or Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Or both. My kids loves the nastiness that is a Happy Meal. They also love the lead paint covered cheap ass toys that come with the Happy meal. I don’t mean to get all mushy here, but I have been eating at McDonalds since their hamburgers cost something like 19 cents. I remember when the signs at Mickey D’s read “Over 2 Sold”! I ask these questions for a very good reasons, which I will go into in a just a minute.

Dumbass News has featured dumbass-inspired stories about McDonalds on more than one occasion. For example, here and here. It pains me to say it, but neither of these Dumbass stories has as serious implications as the one you are about to read.


There’s a lady, and I use that term loosely, in Las Vegas who has filed a lawsuit against the fast food giant because, as she states in the suit, it is because of the minimum wage salary she was paid at McD’s that she became a prostitute! yes, fellow Dumbasses, I am sad to report that low pay and lack of a good benefits package at the Home of the Quarter Pounder, that has driven women like Shelley Lynn to become skanky sluts. Shame on you Ronald McDonald!

You see, Shelley once worked at a McDonalds owned at the time by her then-husband. As it turns out, there other would-be skanky sluts working there too. And it’s all because of the lousy pay and benefit packages at the Golden Arches. Being the visionary entrepreneur that he was, Shelley’s husband found a way to increase business at his restaurant. A good marketing campaign maybe? Kind of. He started pimping out his female employees! These women were listed on the store menu as the “Furry McTacos”. But I digress.

You wanna know why these whores felt it necessary to sell their McWares? If you guessed the lousy pay ans bennies from their employer, you would be right! These women were not making enough money to support themselves or their families, so they got a second job selling their “McHappy Meals”, if you know what I mean and I think you do. They are inspirations to young sluts everywhere. Did I mention that all this bullshit in Shelley’s lawsuit took place more than twenty years ago? Since then Shelley has been employed by brothels in the Las Vegas area screwing horny dumbasses for what I imagine would be very good money.


Over twenty years ago! That must be some kind of mental duress! It’s also a Top Tier Dumbass Thing to Do. Shelley, we know that were peddling your McMuffin while you worked at McDonalds, now you sell it for thousands of times more money. Only the price has changed. You were twenty years ago and still are today, shit stain on the underwear of society. As for your now ex-husband, the best part of him ran down his mother’s leg.

Look. I know that what Shelley is doing now is perfectly legal in Nevada and I have no qualms about that. It’s the “I am still a victim” mindset that pisses me off. let me tell you, Shelley, if you were ashamed to sell your “woman hood” back then, then why continue to be a Godless Hooker all this time later? Do you have a bad coke habit? Owe the Mob money? Like to fuck a lot? Yeah, you are a “victim” OK. Stoopid cum funnel.

Once this suit goes in front of a judge, Comedy Gold should be at a Three Stooges Level of brilliance. If any of you in the Vegas area have any more on this story now or later, please email it to me at realdumbassnews AT gmail DOT com. If you do, I’ll make you the next Dumbass Emeritus, second line only to WTFWiFi founder  Alexandra Janelli, an Honor you’ll cherish for life.

Adios to Shelley

Shelley, keep on selling what you sell, because one day it will as rancid as the maggots on a five year old Big Mac. I was gonna get real graphic here but I decided that even a low life no morals, weenie sucking, skanky swamp donkey whore like Shelley deserves some form of respect. 🙂

But not a day in Court with this kind of shit.


NYC Dept of Education Bans Words at Schools; Ban the NYC-DOE Instead!


New York City. The Big Apple. The Greatest City in the World. Give us your poor, your tired, your dumbasses.

NYC was once the greatest city on Earth. Now a days it’s turning into San Francisco East, without all the homo stuff being their main “attraction”. By that I mean that New York City is turning into a nanny state faster than you can say I love New York. For example…salt on fast foods. Banned. Trans fats. Banned. Rush Limbaugh and his millions? Now in sunny South Florida. Glenn Beck and his broadcasting empire? Gawn to Big D. Is it the water? No. But it could be the schools.

What the Problem Here?

The NYC school department has notified firms that produce testing materials for New York schools to not use certain words and phrases in tests. Are we talking about words like “fuck”? No. “Bitch” or “ho”? Uh uh. Then what exactly are the offending words or phrases banned from these exams? Put some kind of padding on your desk to cushion the blow to your chin when it smacks against your desk top. Like we say in Texas, “You ain’t gonna believe this shit.”

Village of the Banned

Like lepers cast away into the furthest reaches of the land, the following lingo has been exiled into the Funk and Wagnalls Wasteland of Words.

Here’s a partial list from

  • Dinosaur – apparently people who don’t believe in evolution might be offended
  • Halloween – rumored to support Paganism and that bothers some
  • Birthday – Jehovah‘s Witnesses don’t celebrate birthdays, so nobody else should know about it… right?
  • Dancing – unless it is ballet dancing
  • Computers – if mentioned as being in homes… use in schools and libraries is ok

More from The Blaze: “Topics like divorce and disease are to be avoided, because a student taking a test could be the child of a split marriage or might have a sick relative. Mentions of wealthy people could create jealousy. Poverty is also off limits, as poor or non-wealthy kids could be offended.”

Here’s a video from abc7 in New York that goes into a bit more detail.

Oh, Boy! It’s My Turn!

I am gonna go down the list above and put in my Dumbass Opinion. This is gonna be fun!

Dinosaur – So it tweaks those who don’t believe in evolution? Who. Gives. A. Shit? Not me. You don’t have to believe in evolution to understand that the Earth is not only 5 or 6000 years old. Hell, Phyllis Diller is that old! Then again, the idiots that this word offends are probably Jehovah’s Witnesses anyway. And who cares what those turds believe in? Oh, wait! These are the same dip sticks that don’t believe in birthdays either! If they don’t count birthdays, then how in God’s name could they understand the concept of “millions” of years? Oh, yeah, they can’t. Screw ’em. They don’t count.
My Verdict: Dinosaur and birthday stay in the tests and the Jehovah’s Witnesses get banned to New Jersey.

Halloween Paganism? Yes, Halloween was once a Pagan holiday of some sort. That’s a fact. I ain’t gonna go into the history of Halloween, but you are welcomed to do so at Wikipedia. Besides, the broads not wearing masks on Halloween are prolly too ugly to nail anyway.
My Verdict: The Catholic Church says Halloween is OK. If the Pope says it’s cool, it’s cool. I gotta go with him on this one. So put masks on the ugly bitches get loaded and give ’em a good treat for Halloween. IYKWIMAITYD. Same for guys, too. I ain’t a sexist.

Dancing – Ballet? Are you kiddin’ me? That stuff is Homo City. Very cool stuff, but girly. Let the kids do some headbangin’. They’re kids for cryin’ out loud. BTW, the reason mayor Bloomberg doesn’t make whoppie standing up is because someone might think he’s dancing. I’m just sayin’.
My Verdict: Bloomberg and the people who run this testing program for NYC schools need to get laid. Just not standing up.

Computers – Whoever came up with this one should have his hard drive cut off with a rusty DVD.
My Verdict: I’ll offer a reward of 23 cents for video proof of a “de-hard driving”.

NYC – The Big Dumbass

I am not labeling the people of New York City as dumbasses, just the fucking asswipes who came up with all this politically correct bull shit. These nincompoops have no business potty training a kid, much less teaching them the 3 Rs. Fire ’em all. Every. Damn. One. Of. Them. Bring in some Honest-to-God “teachers” and administartors that have the best interests of the children they are teaching first. And fuck the NEA or whatever piece of doo doo union these “teachers” are a part of. But that’s another story for another day.

One more thing…there are over FOUR DOZEN words on the Not On NYC-DOE Tests List.

And here’s a single word that says it all to the New York City Department of Education. It’s Number 1 on my list.


Dumbass Tries to Raise Alligator in Pennsylvania!

A Dumbass & His Dog (Rover)

As you know by now, I am from Texas. I love the whole state for many reasons and one of them is its geographic diversity. Out west you have 8000 ft mountains, desert and the unrivaled beauty of Big Bend National Park. In Central Texas, the Hill Country rules. Texas has 624 miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. Dallas sits on the plains of North Central Texas and you have the vast rolling plains of the Panhandle. My favorite part of the Lone Star State, though, is the Piney Woods of East Texas. I love the forests, the rivers and creeks and above all the huge man made lakes, like Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend.

Although it may seem like it, this is not a lesson in Texas Geography, it is, believe it or not, to make a point: there are alligators in Texas. All along the Eastern Border with Looziana you’ll find thousands of gators in bodies of water large and small. Gators thrive in this area because of the availablitiy of so much water and the very moderate climate. Alligators are not built to last the long cold winters of states like, say, Pennsylvania. Did I say Pennsylvania? Yes! I did!

Gators in PA

Anybody who raises a gator in Pennsylvania is a dumbass. While they are cute and cuddly as teensy weensy baby gators, they grow up to be meat eating machines. And you my friend are lunch to a hungry alligator.

Some dumbass did indeed try to raise an alligator Greensburg, PA. Well, as you can imagine, the gator eventually grew into a full man eating size behemoth. So, wisely (or not), the owner of said gator set it free into the wild at a nearby lake. This is a death sentence for the poor gator. The winters in Pennsylvania are not as mild as those in East Texas and West Looziana.Go figger.

This year the winter was fairly mild at Beaver Run Lake and speculation runs rampant as to whether the gator survived or not. Here’s a gator locating tip for the dumbasses of Westmoreland County, PA. Go to where the gator was last seen and hang a dead rotted chicken (or a live yelping poodle) from a tree limb over the water. If the gator is close by, he’ll find it and make a quick snack of it. For the dipstick that turned the gator loose, follow the instructions above, but instead of a dead chicken (or yelping poodle), cut your self with a hunting knife, bleed like hell then go into the water. If the gator is nearby, he’ll find you and make a quick snack of you as well. But only part of you. He’ll eat what he needs, then he’ll take the rest of you and stuff you under a submerged log, let you tenderize for a while then when it’s supper time again, you’ll be the guest of honor. Dumbass.


Being a man of inquisitive nature, I have some questions for you, the dumbass reader. Question 1) Why the hell would somebody want a pet alligator? Question 2) Why would some dumb fuck take a warm blooded reptile to Pennsylvania and attempt to raise it? Question 3) Did the dumbass who owned the gator not realize that the damn thing could grow to be up to 14 feet long? Question 4) Are you fucking crazy!!??

I have traveled through Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and not once did I see suitable gator habitat. I did, however, see a ton of Dutch businesses selling whatever it is the Dutch community in PA sells, but not a single solitary sign ever said, “Get a Live Dutch Alligator Here!”. Wooden shoes? Yeah. Gators? Not so much. And if the Dutch don’t sell it, it ain’t happenin’ in Pennsylvania. Trust me on this one.

Last Bite

To the people of Westmoreland County, PA: if the gator is found alive and healthy as I see it you have two options. Ship it back to Looziana or Texas or kill it, skin it and eat it. gator meat meat is very good. Tastes like chicken. After doing one of the two, send the skin to the Dutch. They can then make some alligator skin wooden shoes. They’d have to change their signs, though.

And one final word to the genius who had an alligator in Pennsylvania in the first place:


Lady Lies to Get Out of Jury Duty; Tells Story on the Radio! Ooooooops!

Jury of Your Peers – Do They Look Happy to Be There?

If I have learned one thing in life it is that if you want to keep a secret or keep something private, it is best to not go on a 50,000 watt, clear channel radio station heard in almost 40 states and share your little story. I am fairly certain that such an act would let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. I could be wrong here, but I don’ think so.


KOA, 850 AM in Denver, Colorado is one of the most famous radio stations in the country. They are legendary in broadcast circles. KOA has been broadcasting for over 80 years and is very popular throughout the state. I have spent many hours listening to KOA in any number of states in the USA. It goes everywhere!

Knowing what we know, it would be safe to assume that you were to do an interview on KOA, that there would be someone you know is listening at that very minute. As a matter of fact, you can take it to the bank. Just ask Susan Cole.

Jury Duty

Susan was talking on the air with long time KOA talk show host Dave Logan (a former Denver Broncos wide receiver) telling the tale of how she skipped out on jury duty. She told Logan that she faked mental illness in order to avoid serving on a jury. Two things here: 1) Shirking your civic obligation to serve on jury duty, as big a pain in the ass as it can be, is not a good idea. 2) Faking an illness or lying to the Jury Duty Guys in order to avoid service is a felony. I’m just sayin’. And as one who suffers from BiPolar Disorder and ADHD, making light of mental illness is not very nice. It doesn’t offend me personally (none of my personalities….hahaha) but it sill ain’t cool. I can also state categorically that I have papers to prove I am a basket case, can you prove you’re sane? I didn’t think so.

Remember that part up there ^^^ where I said if you were on KOA, somebody you know would be listening? Guess what? As Susan told of her web of deceit, somebody she knew was listening to her tell it! Susan’s friend was not amused and reported her to the authorities. Karma, bitch, karma.

In the very near future, Susan won’t be telling tall tales on the radio, but she will be listening to them in the Denver County Jail – as a convicted felon.

My Word 

I know how inconvenient serving jury duty can be, I’ve been there. But it really is a civic obligation not to be taken lightly or routinely dismissed simply because it comes at a bad time. Juries are the foundation of our legal system and without them things could get pretty chaotic pretty quick. Just serve when you’re call upon to do so. You might actually learn something about how the criminal justice system works. There is another way to observe the workings of the justice system up close. That is to shirk jury duty. You’ll just get to see the system from the other side while 12 of your peers decide that your are an unAmerican dumbass lying to get out of the very thing they are there for. And all 12 of them may not be in a good mood on your day in court. Think about it.

Just ask Susan Cole.


Porn Stars Accept Invite to Prom! Satan Intervenes


The Senior Prom. Although mine was several light years ago, I can still see my date looking so beautiful in her blue dress and I looked like a damned fool wearing that fucking monkey suit. But the memories remain as vivid as they were almost forty years ago. Oh, what a night.

At some high schools around the country it’s prom time as I type this. Young men are busily planning a special night for their dates – a nice supper, corsages, limos and condoms. That’s an awful lot of cheese to cut just hoping to get laid. But such is the life of the young – and horny.

Getting a Date

The most difficult and nerve-wracking part of going to the prom is finding a chick that’s desperate to go with a Dumbass. By the time the young Dumbass gets the balls to ask some girl to go, he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel. All the lookers have been claimed by the football players. The only girls left for the Dumbasses are the girls who “have nice personalities”. If the Dumbass is lucky, she’ll have big hooters and have the fire down below, IYKWIMAITYD.

There are exceptions to this rule, of course. One kid in Oakdale, Minnesota came up with an absolutely outstanding solution to being a Dumbass stuck with a prom date with a “nice personality”. He sent out Twitter messages to porn stars inviting them to be his prom date. And two of them accepted! Talk about a stroke (pun intended) of genius! And the power of Twitter! Damn, this kid, Mike Stone, is smooooooth. Not only are his dates ready for action, he won’t even have to take them to supper. Just think how much money the lad is saving. And it’s a cinch that he’ll “get some.” From a porn star no less!

Mike Stone is my hero.

Not So Fast

Dream Crusher***

Naturally, like every fairy tale story, there’s a wicked witch in this one too. Her name is Patty “Dream Crusher” Phillips. Dream Crusher is the Head Honcho at the Oakdale School District. She has thrown a monkey wrench the size of The Twin Cities into the works and it doesn’t look good for Mike.

Dream Crusher says that any guest at the prom that isn’t a student of the school district will have to be approved by school district officials, so the porn stars (and Mike Stone) are left out in the cold.

I don’t get it. Just because some chick makes an honest living by having sex with dozens of men and has the unmitigated gall to film it and sell it to willing adults, suddenly she’s not worthy of attending a High School prom. What. The. Fuck. Do those same rules apply to cheerleaders? Or the school slut? I mean, c’mon, Crusher!

What I Think

If only students can attend the prom, then I have a solution to Mike’s problem. My guess, and it’s only speculation on my part, is that these porn stars don’t have high school diplomas. I think they should get them ASAP. So, enroll them in the Oakdale School District! Instant student hood! The two professional sluts can now go to the prom with Mike! Let’s see Dream Crusher Phillips get past that! 

This is why I am your Fearless Leader. I see a problem and attack it like a pit bull after a T-bone. I am relentless in pursuing a solution to the travails facing a fellow Dumbass. Especially an up and coming Young Dumbass like Mike Stone.

If this plan doesn’t work, then I suggest that Mike piss in the punch and let the drinker beware.

It makes me proud and brings a tear to my eye to call a fine young man, Mike Stone, a…

…Dumbass. <sniffle>

***Thanks to Bones for finding the photo!***

Best of "Dumbass News": Ordering Beer Through 911!

I wrote this post last May, I think, and it contains an absolutely Nobel Prize Worthy in Economics solution to the financial difficulties that face the Communist State of Connecticut. It’s such a simple plan, that I’m surprised some Commie Connecticutter hasn’t proposed it yet. You’ll recognize the sheer brilliance of this idea right away. Provided you are not a Commie Connecticutter. Or a tea totaler. 

I live in New England. The six states that comprise New England are Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. It’s a great place to live if you throw out places like Connecticut. Why Connecticut and not, say, Maine? There is one major difference between the two states – Maine sells liquor on Sundays and in Connecticut, you can’t even stop by a 7-11 and buy a six pack on Sunday! That’s Communism pure and simple. “But, Toby!”, you protest. “You don’t even drink, so what’s the big deal?” Well, here’s your answer, smartypants. It’s un-American! It’s every American drunk’s right to be able to spend part of the Sabbath drinking the adult beverage of his choice! It says so right in the Constitution of the United States! Or somewhere. No alcohol sales on Sunday lowers the Former Professional Drinker Rating of any state – like New Mexico, no alcohol sales on Sunday. At least when I lived in New Mexico, it was a short trip to Texas get get some beer. Or Colorado – they sell on 3.2 beer on Sundays in Colorado. Have you ever tasted 3.2 beer? I highly advise against it. Be prepared and buy your Sunday NFL Game beer on Saturday if you live in Colorado. Unless you live in extreme southeastern Colorado, it’s too far too go to Texas to get a case of barley pop on Sunday. No package sales of booze on Sunday qualifies Connecticut as a Dumbass State. Why, such no alcohol sales on Sunday encourage criminal behavior! I can prove it.

“A 6 pack of Bud to 222 Maine Street? We’re on the way, Mr. Jones!”

There’s a nice Senior Citizen Drunk, in other words, an Old Lush, living in Bridgeport, Connecticut who has been driven – driven, I say! – to a life of petty crime so he can get hammered on the Lord’s Day. This dumbass Senior Citizen Drunk did what any self-respecting alcoholic would do when he ran out of beer on a recent Sunday. What did the drunk dumbass do? He called 911! Not once, but three times! This old dumbass was doing some serious Jonesin’ for a Pabst Blue Ribbon. To his credit, however, he did offer to pay the Police to do a quick beer run for him, even though beer is not sold on Sunday in Communist Connecticut. That was the fatal flaw in his plan. That and calling 911 to deliver the suds to his house. See? I told you that no alcohol sales on Sunday would create criminal behavior in drunks all across the state. And since the cops wouldn’t deliver it if they could, they (the cops) are relegated to answering calls about stoopid stuff like shootings and robberies. What a crock of shit that is. To protect and serve indeed!

I have a solution to this most urgent of problems that satisfies thirsty drunks and liquor store owners alike. Connecticut is a very small state, so delivery of booze to the needy drunk should be considered by capitalist pigs in border cities in neighboring states, as distance isn’t really an issue. Maybe some enterprising booze vendor in a surrounding state could set up a Drunks R Us delivery kind of deal. He’d make a ton of money, create new jobs and thus would increase tax revenue for his home state! As an added bonus, the booze delivery guys would spend more money on gasoline, thereby helping out another business person at the same time! That would then piss off the Climate Change Dickweeds who would belch and spew snot everywhere because of the added CO2 released into the environment. And what would Pissed Off Climate Change Dickweeds need in order to throw a first rate protest? Signs! Enter the local sign making guy who can also profit from this ingenious idea. Trickle down economics, baby! This deal is so simple even a first grader could have figgered it out. But, then again, I know very few first graders that like beer. Sure, there are some kinks to be worked out, but this idea is absolutely brilliant! Oh, yeah…and such nuisance 911 calls from drunk dumbasses would be all but eliminated. Except for the lushes from Bridgeport. But that’s another story for another day.