It’s Dumbass Music Day!!! Updated w/ More Dumbass Tunes!

For today’s story we are going to inject a little culture into The Dumbass Horde Routine – a routine that normally includes heavy consumption of alcohol, a little Latin Lettuce, farting and scratching of gazebos. Then the weekend comes along and the real fun begins.

Our venture into culture involves music. Why music? Because today is World Music Day (WMD). According to Wikipedia, “The Fête de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, is a music festival taking place on June 21.World Music Day is a day on which the world celebrates the magical gift of music.” And by “magical gift of music” they mean shit like Slim Whitman’s “Una Paloma Blanca”.

WMD was started in Fwance by an American musician, Joel Cohen. This Fete de la Musique is celebrated in over TWO countries worldwide! Actually World Music Day is duly feted in 32 (and counting) nations all over the globe.


In trying to keep up with cultural events in every town and city on the planet, and the chance to insult the Fwench, I, as your Fearless Leader have declared today as the first ever in the history of civilization, Dumbass Music Day©! Fwance, with its fucked up food (the Frogs eat shitloads of liver. I hate liver. Except for catfish bait), women who’d rather star in some Prison Slut movie with subtitles instead of shaving their armpits, their solid white surrender national flag and their hoity toity pussified Fete de la Musique, ain’t got nuthin’ on Dumbass Music Day©.

Rock with Dumbass Music ratchere….


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