Waiting for Isaac August 2012


As we sit here , the storm is at least a day away. It is quite calm and HOT, about 90 degrees. The clouds are beginning to show that  early, eerie, on set of something that may or may not be DISASTER in the form of sheets of rain and blasts of high winds and debris. Gasoline lines at local stores are getting to be a hazzard (lines reaching the shoulders of the highway). Everyone in the Baton Rouge area is on a kind of high alert. But, being patient and waiting to see just what will happen. Tuesday and Wednesday will be the target days for the storm. Where will it come inland and where will it go? Grand Ilse is already evacuated. New Orleans is beginning to sense the time to go is nearing. The massive water pumps are in place and hopefully will do the job they were designed for. No Contra flow of traffic at this time. The storm is tracking the same path as Katrina, and we all know what kinda disaster that lady was. As I wait, I will close with the fact that for 18 and a half years, I worked as a bridge inspector for the State of Louisiana. All those years our bridge crew and inspectors had to work any and all storms that came along. Sometimes a massive effort to clear highways and waterways of debris. Now, as a retiree, all I have to be responsible for is, my family and my home.


One response to “Waiting for Isaac August 2012

  1. Nice report, James!


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