The 2012 Dummy Awards: Best Use of Duct Tape By a Nekkid Dumbass

Another year of Dumbass News has come and gone. That means another 365 days of the finest Dumbassery known to modern man has been chronicled for posterity right on these very pages. It’s a legacy that a Fearless Leader can be proud of, something my grand children will some day look back on and declare, “Say what you will about Grandpa Fearless Leader, he was a top notch Dumbass if he was anything.” 

I get misty eyed just thinking about it.

I also get all choked up when I look back over the past year at the sheer volume of the stoopid shit I have covered, each post the result of a dogged determination to bring to you the absolutely most pathetic actions of Dumbasses from locales around the world.   

In summary, 2012 was a resounding success for Dumbass News.

And now….The Dummies…


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