The Liberal Way to Get Rich: Make $60K a Year by Begging!

Hiya, Dumbasses! For today’s story, I want you to take notes. Yes, notes. I am going to present to you a way to knock out about $5000 a month. That’s 60 Large a year. get a pencil and paper, a cup of coffee, a poster bard and a Sharpie. This is going to be the easiest $60,000 a year you ever pulled in.

No, I am not selling anything nor am I asking you to buy anything. This is an honest to goodness safe and legal way to make a decent living doing nothing. By “nothing”, I of course mean “panhandling”. Begging. Asking people to give you money and you are obligated in no way to reciprocate the charity. You ask. They give. Easy, huh?

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