Dumbass Drunk Driving! On a Bull Dozer! Plus Bonus Big Dumbass News!

Bonus Dumbass News! I did a Guest Post! Yes! Somebody “Out There” actually asked me to write a Guest Post for her blog! 

Steph Rogers of She Said What? recently put out an open invitation for her fans to write a post for her blog. Little did Steph know that I was lurking in The Blogosphere Wings like a Homeless Guy with $5 waiting on the Cheap Beer Here Likker Store to open. 

I jumped at this chance to ruin some poor woman’s blogging career spread the word about Dumbass News to an entirely different group of unsuspecting schlubs. And this time the Entirely Different Group of Schlubs are Australians! Or as I like to call them, Dumbasses Down Under.

The Damage Down Under (I am on a “Down Under” roll here, so stay with me) will be done tomorrow, June 5, on She Said What?

Every story I write about on this blog has earned the right to call itself Dumbass News-worthy. But there is the occasional tale that is tailor-made for this blog like John Wayne was made to be a Cowboy. You know the kind of story I am talking about. One so perfect that you almost have to question its authenticity. That’s how the following story is. Hand meet glove. Enuff said.

Read the rest…..


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