Making Whoopie While Driving Drunk!


Fire Water.

The Devil’s Brew.

Whatever you choose to call it, alcohol, when consumed in adequate quantities, causes people to do some stoopid shit. I should know. I am a Former Professional Drinker. And after gettin’ likkered up I did some real stoopid shit.

I am not here to regale you with Tales of a Drunken Fearless Leader, although some of the stories I could tell you would make your toe nails curl and your head explode. I am here, however, as a Dumbass News Public Service, to pass along some stoopid shit that other Drunk Dumbasses have done.

If you were to go to the Dumbass News Search Box near the top of the right hand side bar and type in “DUI”, you’d come up with some epic sagas of Drunken Dumbassery.

Read the rest…..


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