Snack Attack! Cheez-It Onslaught!

T. G. I. F.!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am taking a new medication that knocks my socks off. Ordinarily this would be a good thing, but since I quit drinking a little over three years ago I am not used to being all FUBAR. 

Therefore, I will be digging deep into the Dumbass News archives for today’s story and I won’t stop digging until I have dug past the mushrooms and the bull shit. You can curse thank me later.

One more thing….on Monday, July 15, we’ll have a Guest Blogger! Teri from Snarkfest will be here with the story of Dumbass the Cat! I. Am. Not. Making. This. Up. Be sure to check in sometime after 12 midnight Eastern Daylight Time Sunday night/Monday Morning for what promises to be the cat’s meow! <—— hahahaha!

And now…….

Best of Dumbass News


During moments of temporary insanity or as we call it here on Dumbass News, dumbassery, people are inclined to do some pretty damn stoopid stuff, including assault. Assault with, shall we say unusual objects. We have covered many such incidents on these pages and each new one seem.

Read the rest…..


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