Romantic Way to Say “I Love You”: Stab Your Husband in the Back!

Tomorrow is a landmark day in the history of Dumbass News.

Tomorrow is also a day where another blogger, Teri at Snarkfestthrows caution and common sense into the wind and does the Throw Caution and Common Sense Into the Wind and Commit Blogging Hari Kari Thing by being a Guest Blogger right here on these very pixels!

Be sure to stop by!


Gentlemen, when you ask a lovely person of the female persuasion to be your bride, you are asking her to be your partner until death you do part. She is is to be treated with the dignity and respect due a woman who will one day bear your children. She is to be cherished for being the invaluable treasure she is. In short, don’t piss her off! When sufficiently provoked, the pookie bear of your life turns into she devil with felonious intentions. Consider yourself lucky if your beloved requires an ample amount of you giving her shit before she finds her chicken cuttin’ scissors and applies them to your gazebos. SNIP SNIP

Cynthia Dorian. (Photo courtesy of Penobscot County Jail)


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