Guest Blogger: Teri From “Snarkfest! “Dumbass” the Cat Does Stupid Pet Tricks!

Today another blogger has chosen the short cut to blogging suicide by agreeing to do a Guest Post on Dumbass News! 


Let’s have a big Dumbass Horde Welcome for Teri at Snarkfest and her cat Dumbass!

In our house, we have an adorable fat cat named Cinnamon, named for her beautiful golden orange coloring. Her nickname, however, is Dumbass, namedfor her penchant for doing absolutely ridiculous things. Dumbass has been with us for almost 11 years. She was born on September 11, 2001. Yes, that day. It’s very possible that had she been born on a different day, she’d be nicknamed Einstein rather than Dumbass. Maybe she’d have the ability to pee in the toilet, feed herself, cook dinner and do laundry. But alas, that was not to be. She is now and forever will be our little Dumbass.

Read the rest of Dumbass the Cat’s story here…..

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