O Canada! Teens Set Fire to RCMP Post So They Can Visit Friend in Jail!


I have four of them. Two grown sons, 34 and 31 and two little girls, 10 and 6.

I know, I know. What can I say? Your Fearless Leader is a man among men. A titan among midgets. A Dumbass among Intellectuals. Or something.

My point is that being the Father of such a polar opposite passel of kids has, shall we say, enlightened me in not only the differences between boys and girls (besides their plumbing), but the differences in two completely different generations of children – all of them my own!

I am 56 years old. Most kids the ages of my daughters have parents about 30 years old or so. When it comes to Parental Experience, I am not only ahead of the curve in some ways, but I am way behind it in others.

Without going into a bunch of psychobabble bullshit, let’s just say that each generation of my kids has presented its own unique set of challenges.

Challenges not unlike the ones offered up by the two Canadian teens in today’s story.

Read the rest…..

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