“Disabled” Lady Goes Zip-lining, Spins Wheel on “Price Is Right” While Collecting Workman’s Comp! Gubmint Is Pissed Off!

A little background…..

Many of you will be familiar with what I am about to write, however, many more of you won’t be.

I recently went through the ordeal of being declared “disabled” by the Federal Gubmint. And by “ordeal” I of course mean two and a half years of constant, soul-crushing appeasement, doctor’s visits and filling out enough paper work to reach to Saturn and back.

Thank God, I had an attorney to handle much of this gargantuan task for me.

I am beset with severe osteo-arthrits, fibromyalgia and a shit load of 3 and 4 letter mental illness syndromes/disorders. I’m not complaining, that’s just the way it is. There are others with health issues that make mine look like a mosquito bite in comparison. What they must endure going through this process is not only stressful as hell, it is, at times, demeaning and brutal.

My point is that no matter how apparent the medical difficulties one faces, the Feds don’t give a shit. After all, I worked from the time I was about 10 years old shining shoes at Wade Wood’s barber shop next to Wakefield’s Grocery in Irving, Texas until November of 2009 walking sometimes eight miles a day back and forth from my house to my job at Best Buy in Augusta, Maine – in spite of all my health issues. This doesn’t make me a “hero”, it does, however, make me one determined SOB.

Did I mention that the money I was trying to get from the Gubmint was MINE? Yup, the Feds were kind enough to withhold a certain percentage of every dollar I earned for over FORTY years and then forced me to wander aimlessly through a maze bureaucratic bullshit for almost three years before I could get my own damn money back from those bastards?

Bottom line: this is not an easy undertaking.

Unless you lie.

And cheat.

Like Cathy Cashwell.

Read the rest…..


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