Happy Birthday, Dumbass News!

With all the stuff that’s been going on in my life the lat few weeks, I forgot something that should have been as visible as the proverbial elephant in the room.

But I forgot.

Last Thursday, Septemeber 19, marked the Third Birthday of Dumbass News!

I can’t believe that I let this slip my mind.

But I did.

Read the rest…..


4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Dumbass News!

  1. Thank you very much, Lottie!

    Folks, click on her name above and go read Lottie’s blog. It’s real good stuff!


  2. Sign of self confidence when one forgets birthdays?
    Always enjoy the posts here.
    Happy Birthday late ….see? Fireworks in your honor! (over there…oh, the tree is blocking them…too late..well, it’s the thought that counts.YEA you!)


  3. Thanks for the “bang up” birthday wishes, Phil!


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