Can’t Knock Up Your Wife? Have Your Neighbor Do It! PLUS New Blog Design!

Dumbass News has a new look!

After three years of the Old Look Dumbass News, the time has come for a new design.

We have a new header that is the brain child of a very good friend of mine and fellow Green Bay Packers fan, Kevin in Wisconsin! The new-look header is a more “whimsical” design that better represents the content and meaning of the blog. And by “more whimsical”, I of course mean “more Dumbass”.

The new background image is the handiwork of Mrs. Fearless Leader. She took the Old Head Up the Ass logo and brought it up to date to be more “inviting” to potential new members of The Dumbass Horde. I would say she made it more “pleasing”, but there is nothing really “pleasing” about a picture of a guy with his head up his ass. Except in certain West Coast cities.

Thanks, Kev and Mrs. Fearless Leader! Your work will live in Internet Infamy!

And now…..Dumbass News…..

Neighbors. You can’t live without ’em and you can’t shoot ’em.

I have been thinking about the virtues and vices of having neighbors over the last week or so. Why? I’ll tell you why.

Read the rest…..


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