Guest Post: Dumbass News

Thanks, Aussie Girl!

Almost English

The latest guest blogger to grace the pages of Adventures of an Aussie Girl in London, is Toby from Dumbass News! He is one of my favourite bloggers as he literally ALWAYS writes a post that makes me laugh, shake my head, cringe at the ridiculousness of many members of the human race, all at the same time. It’s almost sad in a way that he has so much material to draw on for his blog Dumbass News, but that’s a bigger issue that we bloggers can’t address.

The other reason I like him is he’s a standup member of the blogging community, always encouraging with comments and likes, sharing our posts, talking to people and recommending other bloggers into your ‘sphere’. It’s exactly how a good blogger should be.

But enough about why I like him, and on to the blog he’s kindly written for us.


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