Feline Felony: Cat Box Chaos!

Earlier this year my family and I adopted a cat from the local Humane Society through Petsmart.

Her name is Lou Lou.

Lou Lou

On October 11 Lou Lou celebrated her 3rd birthday. We know that October 11 is her birthday because it was written on the little info card attached to her cage at Petsmart. And my ten year old daughter said so. Thus, it is.

Before we went out and brought Lou Lou into our family, I told the aforementioned ten year old and her six year old sister that taking care of a cat ain’t easy. I explained to them that there are certain responsibilities that come with pet ownership – feeding her, making sure her water thing is full (and clean), brushing her, etc. And by “etc.” I mean “Cat Box Turd Removal Duty”.

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2 responses to “Feline Felony: Cat Box Chaos!

  1. I’d write a comment, but RC threw up in the hall…probably in retaliation of a totally “you know there’s absolutely in there – zero – nill” clean cat box…they don’t forget…delayed revenge….
    (and they live long after the 10 yr old goes to college….)


  2. Long after?

    Lord help me!


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