Drunk Homeless Guy Passes Out in Back of Garbage Truck!

I have been telling you about the Dumbass Things that Dumbasses do for over three years now. And no matter how weird the story, there eventually will be another Dumbass pulling the same Dumbass Stunt.

Today’s story is an encore presentation. Not of the Best of Dumbass News variety, but of the “some Dumbass was bound to do it again” type. Here’s the original Dumbass News story that relates to today’s tale.

This activity involves Drunk Homeless Guys and I’m afraid it’s giving a bad name to Drunk Homeless Guys all over the country. As a former Drunk Homeless Guy, I am truly concerned about the sullying of the image of my Drunk Homeless Brethren.

can not and will not stand for it!

Read the rest…..


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