Dumbass: “I’ll Be Back to Rob This Place Later Today!” He Wasn’t Kidding!

Criminals, by Nature, (and definition) are Dumbasses.

But some crooks are more stoopid than others.

For example…

  • Robbing a Police Station is never a good idea. Robbing a Police Station in Texas takes stoopididity to an entirely different level.
  • It is my Considered Fearless Leader Opinion that using a fake gun to commit a crime against another person is not, shall we say, very bright. No, we shall say it is fucking ignant. This is especially true when the intended victim is armed with a real gun with very real bullets.
  • I also believe that if you decide to break the law, the element of surprise should be at the forefront of your plan.

Which brings us to today’s Dumbass Criminal Mastermind….

Read the rest…..


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