Dumbass Facts About Friday the 13th!


Best of Dumbass News

It’s Friday!

To be more precise, it’s Friday the 13th! 

I know many of you Dumbasses personally so it doesn’t surprise me that several of you suffer from “paraskevidekatriaphobia”.

That’s a medical term that means “I am a Dumbass Who Believes in Illogical Stoopidstitions That Have No Foundation in Science or Reality, But I am a Dumbass So Science and Reality Mean Absolutely Nothing to Me”.

I also know that a few of you that are afraid of work!

And clowns. BTW, the fear of clowns is (“coulrophobia”.)

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3 responses to “Dumbass Facts About Friday the 13th!

  1. Careful, you’re beginning to sound like Lucy on Peanuts….
    (and glad you mentioned it, hadn’t noticed the date…best run a dog in front to scare off the snakes and such…)


  2. I promise not to move the football….c’mon kick it. 🙂


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