Bringin’ the Snark & Vagina to Dumbass News!

Lately, there have been many others of you who have shown Your Fearless Leader much devotion and support. All I can say about that is that you are stoopid fucks thank you.

What better way to say “thank you” than with a Cabinet Level Position in the Dumbass Horde Hierarchy! 

A million Big Ones would be a much better way to say “thank you”, but I ain’t made out of fuckin’ money, yo. 

So you greedy bastards will just have to settle for the equivalent of a Dumbass Dinky Button.

Today, I want to “honor” a couple of Dumbass Broads who gave gone below above and beyond the Call of Dumbass Duty in standing behind me (thankfully without sharp objects in their hands and malice in their hearts. ), spreading Dumbassery to the Masses.

Read the rest….


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