Ouch! Guy Shoplifts Lobsters, Crams Them Down His Pants!

Best of Dumbass News

You know when you’re watching TV and a car commercial comes on showing a guy driving like a bat out of hell on a 10 foot wide dirt road on the side of a mountain with a 3000 foot vertical drop where the tiniest of mistake could send him to the Big Stunt Show in the Sky?

Some time during the ad a printed disclaimer saying “Do Not Try This at Home” appears onscreen. My first thought is always “No shit Sherlock”. Having driven on such roads high in the Rockies, I can assure you that hauling ass on them is not the first thing that pops into my Dumbass mind.

On a similar note, stuffing live lobsters into my pants is not high on my bucket list either.

But, there’s a guy in Mississippi who seems to like doing just such a thing.

Read the rest…..


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