Too Busy for Robbery, Manager Tells Bad Guys to Come Back In an Hour; They Do!

Today’s Daily Dive into the Dumpster of Dumbassery reveals several elements of the plot line that assure its bona fides as a truly Dumbass News – worthy event:

  • Armed Robbery
  • Stoopididity
  • Quick thinking by the Good Guy
  • Chicago
  • Meskins

The Meskins in our story, Mario and Domingo, were sitting around the hacienda one day slamming down some cheap tequila (the kind with the worm in it) when boredom overtook them. They were bantering back and forth trying to figure how they could spice up the night.

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2 responses to “Too Busy for Robbery, Manager Tells Bad Guys to Come Back In an Hour; They Do!

  1. Ja,ja,ja!! Hilarious! Love your added commentary throughout. Que estupidos. “where they will undoubtedly be playmates in a nice game of “Hide the Chorizo” with other Meskin inmates.” Perfecto!
    This reminds me of the time I was 9 or 10 and I dared the boy next door to fight me. I instigated it and encouraged him to hit me (don’t judge, I don’t know what came over me.) After my relentless urging, he abided and punched me in the face. The pain was RIDICULOUS but I didn’t want him to know how much it hurt so I calmly said, “Can you hold on a second, we can continue in a minute, I will be right back.” At which point I ran into my house and sobbed uncontrollably. I think he waited for me to come back out. 🙂


  2. Gracias, Brick!

    Y’all go to Brick’s blog and wish her a Happy 1st Blogging Anniversary! She’s a very nice lady and a terrific writer!


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