Dumbass Demolition Derby! In the Graveyard!

Best of Dumbass News

Two women, a Mother and her daughter, from Winthrop, Maine met up a few days ago at a cemetery.

Why did they meet up at a Bone Yard? I ain’t exactly sure, but I will go on he assumption that they were there to pay respects to a dearly departed friend or family member.

They were also there to initiate a demolition derby.

In the cemetery! 

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4 responses to “Dumbass Demolition Derby! In the Graveyard!

  1. Nothing good ever comes out from hanging around a cemetery! Except when I was younger and it was a perfect make-out spot. 🙂


  2. Of course they do! Smoochin’ eventually leads to more Dead People! Think about it. 😀


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