Dumbass Science: Lab-Grown Vajayjays!

Dear Mom: you may NOT want to read this!


I have written about it on several occasions.

Just because I am a Dumbass doesn’t mean that I ain’t curious about the World (and shiny objects) around me.

Anyway….I don’t write about Stoopid Shit Science, like e = mc². That boring claptrap and other who-gives-a-damn science-y horse hockey was discovered through research, observation, experimentation, using mathematics and following something called The Scientific Method. 

Who friggin’ cares?

I write about The Science That Matters to Dumbasses. 

Read the rest…..


2 responses to “Dumbass Science: Lab-Grown Vajayjays!

  1. Ja,ja,ja,ja! Wow, the things they come up with. Are these cootchie cootchies also used for transgenders who want a sex change?


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