The Latest in Bank Robbery Disguises: Underwear On the Head!

Criminals are, by definition, Dumbasses.

Out of the billions of crimes committed around the world each day, when was the last time you heard of the “perfect crime”? Yeah, I know that against all odds some crooks get away with their crimes. The “not quite so perfect crimes” are ones where the bad guys get away with their misdeeds for a number of years, then one day the FBI knocks on their door and Freedom ain’t so free any more.

I mean I can understand the fact that some idiot robs a 7-11 and gets away with it. Look at who works at a 7-11 these days – guys from Calcutta named “Bruce”. No offense to guys from Calcutta named Bruce, but sometimes these fellows are new to our country and things between them and the cops can get lost in the translation. Kind of like Tech Support at AOL.

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5 responses to “The Latest in Bank Robbery Disguises: Underwear On the Head!

  1. Ew…ew…ew.. Everything grosses me out, skid marks – ew ew! I was a bank manager for several years and we had our share of dumbasses attempting to rob us. They always got caught. 🙂


  2. Some guy tried this here last year…all I could think was were those new out of the bag or he used what he had when he realized at the last minute he’d left the hoodie and dark glasses at home. Ewwwww.


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