Tear Down That House! It’s Not Mine But Trash It Anyway!

We have had some really great Neighbor Stories on Dumbass News, and today’s Jaunt Into Jackassery picks up where other stories like it leave off.

Just yesterday we had a wonderful tale of a guy who threatened to kill his neighbor because the neighbor farted!

One of my All Time Favorite Posts is about a guy who couldn’t make babies because his little swimmers were not up to snuff. So what does he do to get his wife knocked up? Use one of many advances in the treatment of infertility to impregnate her? Nope. He hires his neighbor to boink his old lady. Seventy. Two. Times! Be sure to read this one for a very large dose of irony at the end.

While these two stories hold positions of high esteem on The Excellence in Dumbassery Scale (Neighbor Division), what you are about to read may knock them down a notch or two.

A Lady Dumbass in the Oldest City in the United States, St. Augustine, Florida, Moreta Folch, decided to have a home on the property on which she lived demolished. 

Read the rest…..


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