Anti-Meat Pansies Want to Ban Bacon From Iron Pigs’ Baseball Stadium!


They are messing the Holiest of Foods Not Approved By the Council of Kosheridity.


I am speaking of course of bacon! 

And this time the culprits are not Moose Limbs, but Normal People.

Of course by “Normal People” I mean Dumbasses that are stoopid as yak shit and twice as smelly.

These Skid Marks on the Underwear of Life are an organized group of anti-meat pussies known as the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, or in the vernacular, “Dumb Fucks”.

The Dumb Fucks are not only on a rampage against bacon, but are also savagely attacking America’s Pastime – making fun of the Igmo in Chief, Barry Soetero. OK….I made that part up even though more Americans make fun of Preznit I-Didn’t-Know-About-the-VA-Scandal-Until-I-Saw-It-On-the-News than attend every baseball game in the country from Tee Ball to the Big Leagues in a full season.

Read the rest…..


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