Dumbass Math: 1 Flaming Snake = 2 Burnt Down Houses

Best of Dumbass News

Note to New Dumbasses: There’s not much we won’t cover here at Dumbass News. Dumbasses of any shape, size, color, nationality, sexual persuasion or gender will be vilified to the High Heavens, provided of course that vilification is necessary to the plot.

The only off limits topics will be the Dumbassification of my Mother, the Pope and My Favorite Protestant, the Reverend Billy Graham.

Your mother? Fair game. The Dolly Llama? In the Dumbass Cross Hairs. The “Reverends” Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Screw ’em.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

Read the rest…..


7 responses to “Dumbass Math: 1 Flaming Snake = 2 Burnt Down Houses

  1. Everyone knows a snake needs marinatin’ before you barbecue it. Not domesticated snakes because that would be sick.


  2. Had a friend that bragged about tossing gasoline to run snakes. Commented he’d better make sure the garage door was shut so it wouldn’t slither, fumes and all, under his old gas flamed water heater…..


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