Dumbass Restaurant Signs – Another Look!

Best of Dumbass News


I am a White Guy.


I am also (mostly) bi-lingual.


I was born and raised in Texas, so Spanish is my “second language”. I don’t speak it like a Native Spanish/Meskin Guy, but I do pretty good – for a Gringo that is. By the way, I can also read and write Espanol and can mostly keep up with what’s going on with TV shows on Univision and Telemundo. “El Chapulin Colorado” and “Llevatelo” were my favorite Meskin TV Shows.


Reading very simple Eye-talian and French are a part of my Furn Lingo Repe-twawr as well.


I am a Worldly Fearless Leader, to say the least.

Having said all that, I can say with a degree of certainty that foreign languages do not always translate well to English.


While today’s Adventure in Dumbass Land does not involve any Meskin Lingo, the principle remains the same – translation ain’t easy.


Especially when the translation involves going from some Oriental (mostly Chinese) idiom to American English.


The following restaurant signs make the point for me.

Ho Lee Phuk Signs

Thank God my cat is laying right next to me as I type this.

Read the rest…..


4 responses to “Dumbass Restaurant Signs – Another Look!

  1. Had to laugh. With Houston being the #1 preferred destination for immigrants from around the world, there are all sorts of hilarious signs around here. Some even become a sort of “trademark /tagline” even after the language is mastered.
    You sound like a typical TX. It’s multilingual here. And it’s TexMex – even our friends/guys in the shop born here who visit family in central Mexico say that they can’t understand what their relatives are saying. (But telenovelas work for everyone!)
    You just have to love the signs and effort


    • I have good friend born in Texas who is of Mexican heritage. He has a really tough time understanding Mexican-Spanish also.

      I speak pretty fluent Spanish but I learned a ton more from novellas and “Llevatelo”!


      • When I traveled and was tired the English subtitles helped me keep up. If you know Spanish, you can jump to the other romance languages fairly easily…Although when tired if you speak to me in French, I’m very likely to answer automatically in Spanish without realizing it. Most think it’s funny….or the ones with sense of humor do…and the others – bah!


  2. Haha! When I lived back home in Texas and spent a lot of time with Spanish speaking people, I used to catch myself thinking in Spanish! Sadly, I do not get to speak much Espanol here in Maine.


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