Dumbass Outdoors, II: Aim at Moose, Shoots Old Man Sitting On Toilet!

Best of Dumbass News

I am a Texan.

I now live in a Foreign Land….Maine.

Moose are a Big Deal up here.

Such a Big Deal that in 1979, moose were declared the State Animal of Maine.

 Known to the Scientific Community as alces alces, which means “Big Hairy Fucker With a Large Rack on Its Head” or alternatively, “Mother in Law”, moose play a big part in the culture and history of The Pine Tree State. Moose are hunted, eaten and photographed here more than almost any other creature – the exceptions being lobsters and the Great New England Jackalope. Moose occasionally get caught up in swing sets as well.

They also serve to remind Mainers that we are very close to Canada. Truth be told, a moose on the other side of the Saint Croix River can fart and it can be heard as far south as Skowhegan. True story.

Moose are one of the most sought-after big game animals in Norway.

Big Hairy Fucker With a Large Rack On Its Head
 And not just for sex either.


Let me splain.

Scandi Goes Moose Hunting

A Norwegian Guy, whom we’ll call “Lars”, was recently enjoying a fine Scandi autumn morning of moose hunting.

After many hours of fruitless pursuit of the “Mother in Law”, Lars, drunk on a cheap Norwegian beer called “Pabst Blue Husqvarna”, came face to antlers with his quarry. Taking careful aim at the Big Hairy Fucker With a Large Rack On Its Head, Lars steadied himself and purposefully, yet gently, squeezed the trigger of his Instrument of Laying a Moose Out as Cold as a Block of Ice (his rifle). BANG! A direct hit!

Except it wasn’t a direct hit on the moose!

The bullet intended for Lars’ prey went astray, striking an Elderly Scandi Guy, whom we’ll call “Thor”.

At the time of the accident, Thor was in his home!

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4 responses to “Dumbass Outdoors, II: Aim at Moose, Shoots Old Man Sitting On Toilet!

  1. In my zillions of times in Maine, I have never seen a moose, no matter how hard I look. I promise not to shoot either a moose or a guy pooping. Still, no moose for me. This makes me believe that moose (or Mooses if you’re Canadian) are dumbasses.


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