EPA Wants to Regulate Cow Farts!

Best of Dumbass News

I am a Man of Science.

I do not, however, hold a college degree in Physics, Biology, Meteorology, Climatology or any of that Science-y Hogwash.

On the other hand, I am the proud possessor of an Honor that is much more valuable than any of those credentials – a Ph.D in Common Fucking Sense.

Short of the simultaneous detonation of several thousand nuclear weapons,which would undoubtedly fuck up the climate (and be Man Made), it is therefore with a 100% Degree of Certainty that I say that Man Made Global Warming/Climate Change is a heap big pile of Bison Bagels.

I am also firm in my opinion that if a few thousand nukes were sploded all at once that we’d have more pressing issues to deal with than Climate Change. Growing a third eye comes to mind. And a world of seven billion people that will all end up looking like this:

“But, Mr. He of No Formal Education in Climate Science (or Bison Bagels), how can you be so sure of such a bold claim?”, you query.

It’s quite simple actually.

I have an unquestionable source of information. A source so impeccable, so powerful, so well-armed with those pesky little things called facts, inconvenient truths as it were (thanks, Algore!), a source so undeniable that to question Her would be an exercise in utter futility.

As a matter of fact, you know Her, too.

Her name is Mother Nature.

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