What’s In a Name? Dumbass Newspaper Wedding Announcements!



For better or worse.


In sickness and in health.


My name sucks, so does yours.


But together they are poetry.



He’ll Need That On the Honeymoon

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14 responses to “What’s In a Name? Dumbass Newspaper Wedding Announcements!

  1. Some matches are made in heaven. Others? ON the funny pages — or in your blog.


  2. “I wonder if she’ll hyphenate her name?” Ha,ha,ha! These are great. Sharing it with my 20 year old as always. šŸ™‚


  3. Imma Hogg (she’s fer real) Her momma musta been on drugs!! Only in East Texas!!


    • Ima and Ura Hogg. Governor Jim Hogg. All the Hoggs!

      I love East Texas! I have lived in Tyler, Kilgore, Lufkin and Woodville. I miss it real bad.


      • OH……MY……..GAWD!!!! HOLY……..F’in……….SHIT!!!!! Were you my f’in neighbor???? I grew up in f’in Woodville!!!!! Went to school in Woodville!!! Lived at Dam-B, intersection of hwy 92 and 190!!! How f’in crazy is that???? I knew there was sumpthin’ ’bout you – šŸ˜® LOL


        • I used to fish at Dam B nearly every damn day! I also fished the creeks around the area (Warren, Spurger, Ivanhoe, etc.) I worked at KVLL when the FM station was brand new. (1993-1995)


          • Un…be…leave…uh..bull!!! My old stomping grounds and swimming hole…..the Bar Pits at Dam-B and Martin Dies state parks!!!! I moved to Jasper in ’91 and worked for the hospital for 20 yrs (until just recently). Both my parents still live in Woodville; my mom’s in Dam-B and my dad is out by the airport. I’m SHOCKED!!! Texas is big….but it’s a small world ain’t it?? Texas is God’s country!!


            • I have been to Martin Dies a million times. I was a “Fishing Legend” with the guy who “hosted” all the vacationers back when they drained the lake then filled it back up.

              I used to live out not too far from the airport also – out in the woods on Mitcham Hill.

              Bingo on “Texas is big but what a small world”!

              I am very happy that Austin had his Pitch Party so you and I could talk Texas!


              • I’ve seen Dam-B drained one other time, all the way down where grass grew and you could have a picnic in the middle of it!! That was just a few years ago, maybe 8. And no more swimming!! The damn thing is alligator infested!! The have special “tag” hunts every September. I’ve seen some dinosaurs come outa those creeks and rivers!! OMG!!

                Oh and I know Mitcham Hill!! šŸ˜œ

                How freakin’ funny, I still can’t get over the randomness of hooking up with YOUR blog and we’re Texas Twins!!

                Austin is a Genius!! (in my sing songy voice)

                It’s been a pleasure sir!! I will be watchin’ for your posts and we can talk Texas sa’more šŸ™‚


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