Lessons in Dumbassery!

Best of Dumbass News

Love it or hate it, Facebook actually does have some good qualities about it.

Not many, but some.

One cool thing about FB is that there’s a shit load of funny stuff on there.

And Dumbasses – tons of Dumbasses.

You can join the Facebook Dumbass Horde by clicking on the Facebook logo in the sidebar over there –>

Anyway….thanks to several members of the Facebook Dumbass Horde, I offer you….

….Dumbass Logic!

Read the rest…..

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention…and Dumbassery



3 responses to “Lessons in Dumbassery!

  1. Nice bucket! These are muy comicos y locos! 🙂 🙂


  2. Hello, there Mr. Fearless Leader, I’m having a hard time finding the “like” button on your posts, especially the pics. Please don’t tell me I’m just a dumb ass blonde :-)). Can you let me in on the secret? Hope your doing ok.


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