Pervert Has Sex with Swiss Cheese!

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Sometimes, I just don’t like Facebook.

They change shit around more often than I change underwear.

Which is daily.

I mean I change my underwear daily. Facebook is kind enough to stretch their changes out to every week or so.

On the other hand, Facebook can be a very useful communications tool.

For example, I use Facebook for not only keeping up with family and friends around the country, I also have a separate Facebook page for Dumbass News.

Also, family, friends and neighbors can instantly be notified of an unfolding serious situation that may affect them at home or work.

As a Matter of Fact…

In the Mayfair area of Philadelphia, a resident recently posted on Mayfair’s TownWatch Facebook page the following: “Good morning, Mayfair! Please be aware of the Swiss Cheese Pervert!” 

When I first read that announcement, I thought, “There’s no human bean on Earth stoopid enough to put his pecker in a block of Swiss cheese.”

I was only partially wrong.

The Dumbass put his pecker though the hole in a slice of Swiss cheese!

Read the rest…..


7 responses to “Pervert Has Sex with Swiss Cheese!

  1. I remember reading about this! At least he’s creative!


  2. Am I losing it or have I seen this on Dumbass News before? He looks just like Mayor Ford from Toronto! 🙂


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