Dumbass Crime: Rob a Restaurant Then Go Back Later to Have Lunch!

Some Dumbasses just don’t know when to leave (not so) well enough alone.

For example…

A Dumbass in Syracuse had the bright idea to rob a bank. He should have been happy that he got away without being blown to smithereens by an armed security guard or the cops, but noooooooooooooooooooo! This numb skull pulls off he robbery, escapes and counts the money he has just stolen – then goes back into the bank for more!

A regular customer at a convenience store in North Carolina was having a nice conversation with the store clerk. At the end of their little chat, he customer said,“Nice talkin’ to you! I’ll be back later with a handgun and ob you blind, bitch!” And he did!

Not to be outdone, Daniel Lee Warn of Costa SomeDamnWhere, Cal-ee-forn-ya had been on an extended burglary spree involving several bidnesses, one of them being a Pollo Loco. During the Pollo Loco burglary, Warn was caught on camera committing the crime.

Read the rest…..


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