Dumbass Communitizin’: Suzie81 Speaks Needs Answers; I Got ‘Em!

In a former life I was a Radio Guy – an honest-to-goodness real life on-air broadcast personality.

I bring this up because, believe it or not, it correlates directly to blogging.

I realize that right now you are probably saying, “Fearless Leader, put down the crack pipe and back slowly away!” 

To which I respond, “Wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute, Dumbass!”

Let me splain.

Back in my Radio Days I interacted with people on the request line, at remote broadcasts, concerts and stuff like that.

Here on Dumbass News I stay in touch with The Dumbass Horde by way of the blog comment section, social media and email.

One time I had a deal where readers emailed/Facebooked me some questions and I responded to them in this blog post. 

Enter Suzie, a UK-anian blogger.

On her blog Suzie81 Speaks , Suzie has invited bloggers from around the world to participate in a Q & A segment as a way for her readers to learn a little bit about each blogger and discover new, interesting content from all over the place.

This Q & A is also a great tool for bloggers to not only share a little bit about themselves with new eyeballs, it is a tremendous way to create a sense of community among those of us who put digital pen to digital paper.

Read the rest…..


4 responses to “Dumbass Communitizin’: Suzie81 Speaks Needs Answers; I Got ‘Em!

  1. I love learning more about you! So you are also a talented voice in addition to a talented writer and comic! Pretty cool! 🎤😁


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