Back to School: Dumbass School Lunch Menus!

Hear that?

I don’t either.


It’s deafening.

Why so quiet at the Dumbass Dome? 

School started today!

Woohoo! Back flip! Summersault! Faceplant!

Like tens of millions of other kids, my two little girls went back to school today.

I refer to this time of year as Another Year Closer to Kicking the Kids Out of My House Time.

Bailey the 7 Year Old is now in 2nd Grade while her older sister Isabella is now at the Top of the Elementary School Food Chain as a 6th Grader or as she said this morning, and I quote, ” I am now one of the Rulers of the School!”

Over the course of the next two hundred or so days, I’ll be asked, Daddy, what’s for lunch at school tomorrow?” approximately 183 bajillion times. The answer will be the same 183 bajillion times – “You can read! Go look at the School Lunch Menu attached to refrigerator. You know, like it has been every school day for the last 7 years!” (kindergarten included)

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4 responses to “Back to School: Dumbass School Lunch Menus!

  1. Ha! Enjoy your freedom. Any plans on running around the house naked? 🙂 Isabella is one of my favorite names for girls. I was going to name my daughter that but chose a different name. Unfortunately, my daughter reports that the food at college ain’t much better!


  2. Sixth grade is still in elementary school there. Cool – they really don’t belong with 8th or 8th graders.
    Besides is is really cool to rule – and 6th graders are at the perfect stage to appreciate it.
    Enjoy the school hour calm


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