Dumbass Medicine: Funny as Hell Doctors Names!

Fine, Howard & Howard, PhD(umbasses)

As I have explained on this Very Fun & Informative Weblog before, I have some health issues that require me to see several medical professionals that specialize in various areas of medicine and mental health.

In medical parlance these areas are known osteopathy, pain management and psychiatry. In the vernacular, these Doctors are known as Doctors that Treat Crazy, Beat-to-Shit Almost Old Dumbasses. On a more personal level, I refer to this as Fucked Up.

Over the course of my lifetime I have had some Doctors with some strange, if not downright frightening, names.

For example, as a child my pediatrician’s name was Dr. Hooker. When I was a teenager my main sawbones was named, and I ain’t making this up, Dr. Manual Slaughter. I can assure you that it is a bit disconcerting the have an Old Guy, PhD named Slaughter, cup your gazebos and say, “Turn your head to the left and cough.” I can also assure that there were no visions of sugar plums dancing in my head.

With that in mind, I did a cursory Bing search for “doctors with fucked up names”.

Read the rest…..

I found these:

Not a Coke Head.



6 responses to “Dumbass Medicine: Funny as Hell Doctors Names!

  1. I work in medical research, so I get to see some wonderful doctors’ names. Here are some of my favorites
    Dr. Herbert Hoover (my GI surgeon, who performed a just-beyond-experimental operation on me in 1982. A friend suggested that if Dr. Hoover promised me a rapid recovery, I should be very worried.)
    WHO doctor in charge of bird flu: Dr. Perdue (not funny just because of the chicken connection, but Perdue means lost in french)
    WHO doc in charge of childhood diseases: Dr. Ricketts
    A psychiatrist studying bipolar disease: Dr. Angst

    But the best was the doctor in charge of the WHO’s AIDs program.
    Drum roll
    Dr. Kevin de Cock.

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  2. Ha! There are some crazy ones out there. We have a dentist named Dr. Garlik, a vet named Dr. Katz and an eye doctor named Dr. Bliman. 🙂

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