Dumbass Outdoor Sports: Doo Doo Diving!

Best of Dumbass News

The guy in the photo is a criminal

Bank robber? Nope.

Embezzler? Try again.

This man, Gary Moody, is a convicted “Toilet Pit Climber”. 

And a Dumbass.

I am intrigued by the term “Toilet Pit Climber”, so as a Professional Blogging Guy, it is my sworn at duty to get to the, er, uh, bottom of this.

As you may have guessed by now Our Friend Gary likes to climb into the pits of outhouses! Gary is a Doo Doo Diver!But!, you say, maybe Gary was plastered one time and did something extremely stupid – and disgusting. I wish that I could report to you that this is the case, but NO! Gary Moody is a Serial Doo Doo Diver!

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4 responses to “Dumbass Outdoor Sports: Doo Doo Diving!

  1. I honestly do not get it. He was digging? Diving? Drinking? WTH??? I can’t wrap my head around this. Enlighten me some more.

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