Dumbass Fun & Games: Blog Tag Q & A!

Best of Dumbass News – Revised & Updated

I have recently made some new Dumbass Blog Friends. They don’t blog about Dumbasses, but they are Dumbasses who blog. You’ll find them in the left side bar under “Dumbasses I Read”. I cordially invite you to click on the links to their blogs and give them a read. They publish some quality material on their sites. And by “quality material” I mean that you won’t feel an urgent need to projectile puke after reading it.

Most of the time.

Blog Tag

The above-mentioned Dumbasses are playing a game called Blog Tag. I have heard of this shit activity before, but I have never participated in it. To be truthful, I used to think that it was kinda stoopid, but after further consideration, I think it’s actually a pretty damn good idea.

I changed my mind about Blog Tag because I figgered it would be a good way for not only my new Blog Friends to learn a little about me, but also an opportunity for the readers, old and new, of Dumbass News to get a better grip on their Fearless Leader.

There are some rules and shit I gotta follow, so here goes….

Read the rest…..


4 responses to “Dumbass Fun & Games: Blog Tag Q & A!

  1. Oh my goodness! I am just reading this. I love your answers to the questions and the fact that I now know what The Leader looks like! Very funny answers! I will have to work on my answers! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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