Dumbass Travel Guide: Towns-With-Stoopid-Names Signs!

Howdy, Dumbasses!

A couple of housecleaning items before we get to today’s Dumbassery.

  • Thanks to all of you for the Happy Birthday wishes.
  • I really appreciate the Get Well wishes also. (I am feeling much better)
  • Most Important Update: I wrote at the end of July that Mrs. Fearless Leader and I had decided to go our separate ways. However, after much soul searching and civil conversation, Mrs. Fearless Leader determined that she couldn’t live without me, so we worked things out and will stay married! 
  • I am very happy about this.
  • Thanks for the kind thoughts and prayers regarding the previous matter.
  • I am humbled by and grateful for your support.

I have traveled to and through 30-some odd states in our great country. I have come across some outstanding town names during the course of those travels – two of my favorites being from my home state of Texas – Cut and Shoot and Gun Barrel City. 

This got me to thinking that there must be some othger really fooked up town names out there, so I set out on a Google Fu Extravaganza and Road Trip and believe you me, I found some real good ones!

As evidence, I present to you….Dumbass City Limit Signs! 

Read the rest…..

Also Known as P. M. S. Ville

2 responses to “Dumbass Travel Guide: Towns-With-Stoopid-Names Signs!

  1. Great news that you are staying together — that deserves a celebration (or a memory wipe).
    Great signs. How can anybody live in these places. Except Climax of course.

    Liked by 1 person

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