Dumbass Prank: The Cow Heart On the Wrong Porch Trick!

Dumbass Dateline, Portland, Oregon (again)

I first read about this story a while back, but it didn’t have an ending so I didn’t want to write about it. But the Portland PD has now solved the case and it has a couple of elements of dumbassery that could only happen the Pacific Northwest.

The story started when some Dumbass in Portland got his hands on a cow heart. Yes, a cow (moo moo and all that) heart. He prolly got it at an ethnic food store.

Anyway, the Dumbass with the cow heart decided it would be a great idea to place the heart on the front porch of one of his friends!

What could possibly go wrong?

Read the rest…..

Excellent Dumbass Prank Prop

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