Dumbass Fishing Weekend Pt.3: Testicle-Eating Fish!

Best of Dumbass News

I am a Water Guy.

When I see a body of water – a creek, a river, a pond or a lake – I think “Fish!”

I am a fisherman.

Fish. Fear. Me.

I don’t like to swim, however, even though I am a good swimmer.

There’s shit in the water that will fuck you up. Like snakes. Or alligators. Even some species of fish.

Just ask the people who swim in the Oresund, a strait between Denmark and Sweden.

Invasive Species

Some Danish Dumbass was fishing in the Orelund recently when he caught what was to him a very unusual looking fish. This particular fish was indeed a strange resident of these waters because it is native to The Amazon!

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2 responses to “Dumbass Fishing Weekend Pt.3: Testicle-Eating Fish!

  1. I remember hearing about this. OUCH!!! Why even risk it and swim/fish there?? 🙂

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  2. Exactly! If I know that there is even a remote possibility that some piscatorial creature is gonna snack on my huevos, no nadando for me!


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