Dumbass Pet Story of the Day: Lost Dog Drama w/ a Happy Ending!

Topaz, as photographed by Diane Stess-Kirschner

Best of Dumbass News

In the wake of the birth yesterday of my newest fishin’ buddy, Coop, I am gonna lighten up on the Dumbassery today, and publish a story my wife found on Aol News, I think.

Our story does have a Dumbass in it, but it also has a most unexpected happy ending, unlike the dumbass cop who tasered another cop’s ass or the dumbasses in Italy who want to cut down a forest to keep the hookers away. The only Dumbass in today’s story is the one who accepted a dog as a gift and then let it run away.

Let’s get to it.

Read the rest…..


4 responses to “Dumbass Pet Story of the Day: Lost Dog Drama w/ a Happy Ending!

  1. Wow! That is some incredibly kind lady!! Love happy endings. 😎

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  2. What a great story. Dog stories are the best.

    BTW, thanks for your donation to making Duncan a star!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Elyse! Glad you liked it.

      You and Duncan are very welcome. It’s my pleasure to help out animals whenever I can. Thank you for helping our furry friends as well.

      Be sure to post some pics of Duncan when he makes the calendar!

      Maybe I could get a paw-tograph someday. 🙂


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