After Failed Robbery, Guy Calls Mom for Ride Home!

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Other than Jesus, mothers are God’s greatest gift to humanity. No questions asked.

I am closing in on sixty years old and I am still my Mom’s Bouncin’ Baby Boy. At least her eyes I am. I don’t think there’s anything Mom wouldn’t do for me if I asked her to. At my age there’s not a helluva lot I ask my Mom for, but there are times when she can tell that I need “something” – moral support, an ear to bend, stuff like that. And she’s right, I do, at times, need her wisdom when life throws me a curveball. Moms are good like that.

I said earlier that there’s very little that Mom wouldn’t do for me. I can only think of three things off the top of my head that my Mom would disown me over. Those things are:

  • Leaving the Catholic Church.
  • Marrying a Liberal woman.
  • Calling her for bail money.

I have good news for Mom – I am still Catholic. I am married to Conservative woman. I don’t need bail money. Yet.

The same can not be said of Zachariah Dalton Howard.

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6 responses to “After Failed Robbery, Guy Calls Mom for Ride Home!

  1. It’s like the ones who do those speeding police chases through neighborhoods home so they can say goodbye to mom before going to jail…..
    (where did we go wrong…….chortle and snorts inserted here)

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  2. Zach should have just stuck with Milky Ways.

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