Dumbass Espionage: Secretly Watching Wimmin Tinkle at Wal Mart!

In keeping with the nonexistent incredibly high standards I have set for the content on Dumbass News, today I again present to you a story about the sub-human boils on the ass of society that is both uplifting and inspiring. Of course by “uplifting and inspiring” I mean utterly disgusting and revolting. And, as you know, there is no place on the internet that does disgusting and revolting quite like Dumbass News. 

Yep, potty humor is our gig here. A royal flush as it were.

As a matter of fact, we have covered some of the finest Dumbass Toilet Tales in the Known History of Dumbass Toilet Tales (DTTs)

For example…one of our more popular DDTs features a truly sick fuck who had a picnic in a WalMart restroom. 

It’s common knowledge amongst Dumbasses of the male persuasion that he head is a deluxe locale for doing some heavy duty thinking. With the advent of today’s technology, the can is also a prime spot to do a little online shopping.

In a Dumbass Toilet Tale from a few months ago, some asshat wanted to spy on wimmin using the ladies facilities. So he did what any red-blooded pervert would do. He installed a hidden camera in the Wimmins Toilet at a J C Penney down in Florida! Making this story topical to today’s news, the Dumbass was an illegal alien! When Congress passes whatever kind of shit sandwich of an immigration bill, this hombre will be moved to the front of the line and granted immediate US citizenship. He’ll also be awarded forty acres and a burro.

Read the rest…..


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