Photo Evidence of Babysitting Stoopididity!

Best of Dumbass News

Babysitting Dumbassery

Merriam – Webster Says So
Texting While Stoopid

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2 responses to “Photo Evidence of Babysitting Stoopididity!

  1. Perfect post for the beginning of holiday parties! It’s a training manual, right? (for those who were working at the mall and were so busy they couldn’t help customers – but who needs a job where you have to stand around smiling or fold clothes. Kids are easier)

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  2. My oldest daughter will be 12 years old this Sunday. I am using this post as a Public Service for future babysitters like her. (as you suggested) Who needs to take a State-approved babysitting class when we have the perfect “How To Babysit Like a Dumbass Manual” right here?!


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