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Mom’s On TV News! And She’s Robbing a Bank!

Best of Dumbass News!

It takes a Special Breed of Dumbass to rob a bank.

One Dumbass held up a bank, fled the premises and then, realizing the meager amount of money he had stolen, went back into the bank to get more!

Another Shit-For-Brains knocked over a bank, got the cash and quickly exited the place and promptly hopped into his getaway bus! A City bus.

Ramping up the Dumbassery to astronomical heights was a chick named Jasmyne. After one of her bank heists, she went home and promptly implicated herself on Facebook!

While today’s story involves a bank robbery, there’s a twist to it that would make Chubby Checker contort himself up like a pretzel.

Let me splain.


Dumbass “Makes Love” to Hot Dominos Pizza, Burns His Pepperoni!

Best of Dumbass News

There are times when it’s best to simply shut up and let the story tell itself.

This is one of those times.

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They Ain’t Kiddin’


Guy Gets Woke Up, Kicks Other Guy’s Ass, Gets Arrested! His Wife Responds to Dumbass News!

Best of Dumbass News

Remember this post is rerun, so the numbers in it are old also.


It’s not often that I receive an update to an old Dumbass News story.

Unless I do some serious journalism.

As a matter of fact, this post will be Number 1248 in a Trail of Dumbassery that dates back to September 19, 2010.

Guess how many times I have received any sort of update from readers to any of those 1247 previous stories?

Exactly. Three. Times.

And I got two of those just after midnight yesterday! 

Alert Dumbass stoo, Dumbass Emeritus was Stoo-on-the-Spot with regards to yesterday’s story pointing out some very pertinent information pertaining to the disposition of the legal case against a restaurant owner who created a porn site in the name of a lady who gave her restaurant a lousy review.

I thought, “Well, that’s pretty damn cool!”

Then, out of the blue, like Al Sharpton barreling towards a TV camera through a crowd of Hungry Raaaaacist Poor White Kids devouring the last of the Gubmint Cheese depriving Poor Minority Children of their much-needed Gubmint Cheese Allotment, I got a comment updating the status of another legal proceeding against a Dumbass I wrote about back in September, 2012! 

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Dumbass Flashback: Thanksgiving Memories, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, Dumbass Horde!

Saying grace…..
I’m a Leg Man Myself

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Dumbass Thanksgiving Photo Album!

Happy Thanksgiving, Dumbasses!

The First Thanksgiving

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“Liquid Ass” & Other Dumbass Holiday Gift Ideas from Snarkfest!

I am a Guy.

I hate to go shopping.

Except for shopping while taking a doo doo.

What I Do When I Go Shopping

  1. I make a list.
  2. I get the shit on The List as quickly as possible.
  3. I pay for the shit on The List.
  4. I go home.

This is how God Hisownself intended things to be for men.

On the other hand, The Almighty, Creator of All That Is Good and Shopping Too bestowed upon wimmin two things that in the Final Analysis of the Glory of the Universe are relegated solely to the Fairer Sex – the miraculous ability to give birth to Baby Human Beans and the Capacity to Shop With the Ferocity of a Rampaging Herd of Wild Buffaloes With Their Asses Set On Fire With Kerosene. Sometimes this phenomenon referred to as “Black Friday at Wal Mart Even If It’s Not Black Friday”. It is indeed one of the Great Mysteries of Life. 

Galloping to the rescue (on an albino jackass named Cletus) for shopping-challenged Dumbasses like me comes the Official Sultanette of Snark for Dumbass News, Teri from Snarkfest!

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Dumbass Scorched Tongue Video: When a “Cherry” Is Not a Cherry!

Not What She Ate

Best of Dumbass News

When a cherry is not a cherry…..

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