1 Year Ago Today: “Non – Drinker” Has 26 Drunk Kids at Her Party!

Best of Dumbass News

During my years as a Professional Drinker©, I rarely, if ever, needed an excuse to crack open a co’ beer.

Hey! It’s Tuesday! Let’s get wiped out!

Did somebody say, “Party”? <insert beer can opening sound here>

I didn’t have a drinking problem. I drank. I fell down. No problem.

Actually, I did have a drinking problem – two hands, one mouth.

One thing I never did was supply minors with alcohol. That’s felony-in-waiting when said minor had a car wreck and seriously injured, or worse killed, someone after consuming the alcohol that I could have given him.

Unlike this Stoopid Bitch in Palm Beach Shores, Florida.

I am really not picking on Florida. It’s just that, after Cal-ee-forn-ya, you guys down there lead the Nation in the number of Dumbasses per capita. I explain why here.

Read the rest…..


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