Outstanding Guest Dumbassery by idiot-prufs! Poop Flinging Monkeys and Origami Condoms!

Dumbasses, it is the Very Rare Occasion that a Guest Dumbass comes up with a story that I haven’t read and scrutinized as or as not Dumbass News-worthy. It is even more unusual for a Guest Dumbass to write such a story better than I could have written it. After all, I am a Professional Dumbass and it ain’t often that a Guest Dumbass reaches The Pinnacle of Professional Dumbassery.

Larry, at idiot-prufs (link comin’ up), has, at least for today, summited Dumbass Mountain. 

Could a “promotion” to Dumbass Emeritus soon be in the cards for Larry?

Brilliant Guest Dumbassery by idiot-prufs

monkey throwing poop


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